Usage Tips

Slim Wallet Tips

4 pockets for 10 cards and a slot for unfolded notes.

There are two pockets on the left side (each one holds up to 2 cards, 4 cards in total) and other two pockets on the right side (each one holds up to 3 cards, 6 cards in total), all 4 pockets hold up to 10 cards in total.

The slot on the rear can hold most international curriencies without the need of previous folding (i.e. all sizes Euro notes, all sizes British Pounds notes, US Dollar notes, etc).

During the firsts days of use place the tab between the two main bodies to get the leather completely flat (bottom right picture).

If you want to carry a big amount of notes leave also the tab between the two main bodies.

Quick opening by pulling the tab (see video)

Minimalist Wallet Tips