The Brand


We love movement, travelling, going around without restrictions. Feel the space, move faster, more comfortable. We have rethought and redesigned the wallet concept for the modern times.


m^2 started with a challenge, to create the best no-compromise design on the market. Maximum capacity in minimum space. Easy access. Less volume. More comfort. Our patented "Slim Wallet-SW" design comes from an engineering approach under the idea of using the minimum possible constructive elements, hence the wallet is made of one single pattern folded several times. Mission accomplished!

Minimum volume with no need to fold the notes and capacity for up to 10 cards in its 4 pockets.

The subsequent designs derive from the same form follows function philosophy with a focus on functionality and quality.

The "Minimalist Wallet-MW" design maintains the single leather pattern design and folded hand stitched construction criteria with a minimum footprint as the Slim Wallet, but with just one pocket for up to X cards and a slot for folded notes allows an even thinner profile of just XXmm filled with XX cards.

The "Cardholder-CH" design goes even further in the minimalist approach, as another single leather pattern with just one pocket for cards (and folded notes if you wish so), for customers who want to “add lightness” to their pockets.

All our products are overthought from design to achieve the best results.


We make all the pieces with our hands in our small atelier in Valencia (Spain), where the leather patterns are folded and hand stitched (no sewing machine involved!). We love to work with selected materials over a well designed idea.

We believe in a slow production process in exchange for premium quality and give soul to every single product. Our design is timeless regardless the season or fashion tendencies.