Our Story

We are a couple. An engineer and a language teacher, both craft lovers who spent quite some time on the quest for the smallest and smartest wallet on the market. We couldn't find anything that met our expectations, so we decided to make one ourselves.

When thinking about wallets one quickly realizes that is such a unique accessory we daily use (and sometimes abuse) without any consideration of season and etiquette. Nevertheless its design doesn’t seem to change and improve over time. Big wallets that don't, or only with difficulty, fit in our pockets are the majority around and those of us who seek the minimalist versions have to sacrifice storage capacity and have to fold the notes more than once to fit them inside.

In our beginnings we just wanted to make a well thought wallet with big capacity that takes up less space, feels and looks nice. A wallet that you will love touching and having in your hands, pockets, and bags every (single) day.

The result was the Slim Wallet with Elastic design that won a Red Dot Design Award in our first year. Based on what we have learned with that first design we’ve tried to broaden the wallet range to more carrying in your pocket scenarios with the Minimalist Wallet and the Cardholder, always with the single leather pattern hand stitched philosophy that accompanies us from our very first prototype.

When customers tell us how delighted and surprised they are about the design and quality, we feel happy.

The soul of a product is sometimes very difficult to explain, but it's something you will immediately realize once you hold the it in your hands.

We are very pleased with the outcome! We hope you like it too!