Is the elastic band durable? Is it sewn on to the leather?

First prototypes were made early 2014 and are being used daily with the elastic perfectly doing its job. I make all the wallets myself and sew the elastic and check it on every wallet, so the quality control is done by me starting from choosing the leather till finishing the elastic.

The elastic is not sewn on to the leather but to the elastic itself, making a loop. This way the elastic length is double as if it was sewn to the sides of the wallet, thus needing half the force for closing the wallet and not stressing the elastic.

On top of that, I’ve sourced a quality elastic (woven braided elastic to be more precise) from a small Spanish company which manufactures this product under the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 environmental certification.

In any case and for your peace of mind, should you encounter any problem with the elastic after using the wallet here are some options:

1.- Send me the wallet and I’ll replace the elastic and return it to you for free (you just pay the shipping to me) or,

2.- if you don’t want to part away with your beloved m^2 wallet I’ll send you a new elastic. If you have experience sewing it’s a 1 minute job, if not, it’s a 10 minute job :) If you don’t have access to thread and needle or just don’t care about sewing just make a knot and you’re done :); or

3.- if you think I’ll bite you for contacting me, or I’m out of business because you forgot to spread the word about your awesome wallet by telling your friends and/or following me on Instagram/Facebook/Pinterest...don’t worry! The elastic is not custom made for me, so any haberdashery shop should have something similar, just ask for 6-7mm flat braided elastic; or

4.- it happens that you don’t like the elastic, it might not colour match your watch or that new tie or purse you have recently bought, or you’re in the middle of the jungle and the former choices aren’t of any help (who needs a wallet in the jungle anyway :), then just take out the elastic. The wallet is fully functional without it, just remember to place the tab between the two main bodies (see tips section) and there you go!

How long does it take to ship?

It takes 1-2 days for me to prepare the order. I’ll send you an email confirming the order the same or the next day (it depends on the time of the day you make the purchase...remember I’m in Spain, GMT+1 time zone). After I ship the wallet I’ll send you another email with the tracking number.

The wallet is really small, how can I prevent losing it?

First of all don’t carry it in your back pocket (your sciatic nerve will be thankful too :), its footprint is small enough to fit perfectly at the bottom of your front pocket and not feel uncomfortable.

Another option is a small device my husband (the engineer, you know...) has been developing lately, see picture below. If you’re interested send me an email asking for a quotation ;)

If you have any further question please don't hesitate to ask, I'll be happy to answer them.