Minimum Squared (m^2) started with the challenge to create the best no-compromise design on the market.

Maximum capacity in minimum space + easy access + less volume = more comfort.

Our awarded Slim Wallet Elastic (SWE) design has followed an engineering approach, being one of the design goals to use the minimum necessary constructive elements, resulting in a single pattern wallet.

The design stands out for its innovative approach combining traditional craftsmanship and latest technology giving solution to the bulky size of traditional wallets while maintaining or improving accessibility to cards and notes.

Such approach was immediately awarded on its first year on the market with one of the most respected accolades in international design, the Red Dot Design Award.

"The well thought-out-design of the m^2 minimum squared wallet offers large storage capacity despite its impressively compact dimensions." (Statement of the jury)

The subsequent designs derive from the same form follows function philosophy with a focus on functionality and quality to achieve the best results.


We believe in a slow production process in exchange for premium quality. Our design is timeless regardless the season or fashion tendencies.

The wallets are handmade in our small atelier in Spain starting from a single piece of precision laser cut leather which is folded and then hand stitched (no machine sewing involved).

Special care has been taken in choosing not only the construction methods but also the materials. Vegetable tanned leather from the most acknowledged tanneries in the world and quality threads manufactured in France and Germany are the main ingredients of these smart everyday items.